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Why Theme Parties Are Always A Good Idea

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Having a planned theme for an event is becoming more and more of a trend. Carnivals, 70-s style discos, USSR-style nights, superheroes’ parties – a topic gives social gatherings an instant boost of unique energy and makes it a lot more memorable. The guests become active event contributors – they get excited, invest their time and creativity in planning their outfits in advance and are committed to participating in themed activities.

Dressed-up girls in colorful wigs at a costume party event in barcelona

It leaves event planners no other choice but to leave up to the guests’ expectations and become amazing in such events organization.

Here are some basic tips on how to organize a successful theme event:

1. Select your Theme Carefully

Choose a theme that not is too specific. Very specific party themes are hard to plan and execute for an organizer and are difficult to get ready for attendees. Something like a Gatsby party gives guests enough room to choose outfits that suit them (rather than something like “America of 1929”).

2. Give Attendees Plenty of Notice

Theme parties do require more effort from an attendee than an average event. Therefore, it’s great to give potential guests plenty of notice. A last minute theme party can turn many would-be party-goers to not-goers.

3. Choose a Suitable Venue

The ideal scenario is to tie in the venue with the event theme. For example, the Moulin Rouge theme would work well in an old-style cabaret bar. A Brazilian night would work best in a Salsa Club.

4. Go Details Crazy!

A theme party relies on amazing décor and thoughtful touches so don’t be tempted to skimp. You’re trying to create an atmosphere and this requires attention to detail - invitees’ first impression of your event will be determined by all those elements

5. Plan Your Food and Drinks Menu

F&B should also be in line with your theme. If you are hiring a caterer to take care of the food portion, make sure to brief them properly. For our Back to USSR event we put our hearts into those details, replicating the process of getting alcohol and food by vouchers, finding the right vodka and caviar vendors and renting Soviet glassware.

To sum up, a theme party can be a mighty undertaking but, if done right, it will be worth it. The key is to put the effort in and create the right atmosphere and make your guests the main supporters. Party themes add fun to an event. Don’t be scared to add one to your next one.

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