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Why Light is One of The Key Event Design Elements

Event lighting is often underestimated and does not appear on top of the essentials list of our clients. And it is an unfortunate missout! :) At Event Barcelona agency, we are in love with lighting and its ability to so easily and quickly make your event truly unique and special.

Lighting is like music in event design terms - it influences your event attendees' mood and their event space perception. Lighting also allows event planners with organisation. With lighting, event organisers can draw attention to the important event activities (e.g. speakers’ presentations, product launches, etc.) or highlight different areas of the event space, which is especially useful for places that have little or non-natural light like the majority of hotel conference rooms or auditoriums. There are so many ways to play around with brightness and colours! Some of the light experiments you can try are:

1. Uplight or upwash: position lights sources upwards so you can cast light on the walls or ceiling. This unusual light direction will make the atmosphere more special and intriguing. In addition to the light direction, you can also add the colours of the light to achieve a change in the ambiance to a more relaxed one or a more focused and work-like atmosphere. For the most important part of the presentation we recommend putting red light as an alert, but among our clients, blue is the most popular colour as it gives a corporate vibe.

2. Gobos: gobos are light sources that have a template placed in front of them that influences the shape of the emitted light. Like a night light in a children’s room :) Involving lights appliances with patterned stencils add a little bit of magic to your event. It’s also a great fast and inexpensive way to make an event space more fun and colorful with those light projections.

3. Spotlights: these lights are powerful! Focusing them on specific objects (like a stage) will draw the audience’s attention there (from a tapas table :) ). That’s an easy way to quiet down the room and get a presentation started :)

4. LED strip lights: white strip lights have become the icon of coziness. Putting them in an outdoor area will create a nice “chillax” vibe, which is perfect for an afterwork event with your team. Though colorful strip lights will serve the opposite purpose - fluorescent colors will give artsy-hipster-party vibes. Strip lights are usually easy to bend and can be used as a way to deliver a message.

5. LED furniture: Illuminating stage, podiums, bar counter and tables will make them stand out from the ordinary and make your event be more bold and electric :)

Lighting is an amazing way to literally and figuratively light up your events :) Experiment with light to create the right ambiance at your event - there are plenty of options for you to play around with! And if you need help - get in touch with us at info@eventbercelona.es.


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