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Why CSR events will grow your employer brand? When we care, we share.

There are dozens of reasons why Corporate Social Responsibility is important. Have you ever wondered why some CSR events get forwarded and shared more than others? Learn how to plan a CSR event that catches on.

how to grow your brand through planning a CSR events
CSR events, social currency

1. Social Currency

People talk about things that make them look good. According to the research(Contagious, J. Berger), over 40% of our daily conversations are about our personal experiences and relationships. When planning your CSR activity or event consider involving your employees as much as possible, give them a reason to talk about these amazing things they did as a part of your company's event.

2. Conversational Triggers

Don't focus on something extraordinary, choose something obvious, something that we see or do everyday. To everyone's surprise, people are more likely to talk about muesli than an attraction park, not because muesli are exciting, just because people see them everyday. Equally choosing a topic for CSR event that people face frequently has a higher chance of being talked about often.

3. Strong Emotions

An emotional content is way more likely to be shared. Focus your plan around feelings, companies tend to focus their messages on information, instead design an event that will spark a strong emotion. Strong emotions trigger people to act.

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