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What Makes A Great Event Agency

Every event agency strives to be the best. But what makes you best in the event industry? At Event Barcelona agency, we’ve prepared the list of TOP 3 qualities an event agency has to have to qualify for the greatest:

1. Being creative and highly adaptable

Almost every event starts with a brief and a perfectly prepared plan of actions. Almost none of the events goes exactly as it’s planned :) There are many different steps in the event organization process that might (and most probably will) go wrong. A terrific event agency has to be creative, find fixes and adapt to the new reality fast.

2. Having a plan B (and C)

Apart from finding fixes on the spot and being able to adapt fast, event managers need to think 2 steps ahead. Event planning is a complicated multi-step process that includes plenty of stakeholders. A good event agency is always prepared - backups are part of the planning process, it is a signature of the masters :)

3. Communication and networking skills

Events industry is all about communication skills and the ability to make connections. It’s important that your event agency has a vast network of partners (catering companies, cleaning services, event venues, etc.) and other events industry experts.

To be good, event organizers have to be great at planning, multitasking and have connections. Good memory is a must. To be great, they have to be able to handle all those various tasks calmly, being able to adapt in no time, have outstanding communication & networking skills and always have backup plans.

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