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Water, Wine, and Food-Throwing Festivals Not To Miss

The event industry is incredibly creative! Apart from business conferences, music festivals, there are so many other kinds! At Event Barcelona, we love exploring the field and have prepared a list of our latest “alternative” festivals:

La Tomatina

La Tomatina is the biggest tomato fight event in the world. As many as 30,000 people gather in Buñol, Spain to throw tomatoes at each other and party all together. The event happens annually and takes place in August.


Songkran is the biggest event in Thailand and the biggest water fight in the world. It is held on Thailand's traditional New Year's Day in April and gathers thousands of people whose main goal on that day is to throw as much water as possible using all the (safe) weapons you can imagine - buckets, hands, water guns, and whatever else your creativity allows for!

Battle of the Oranges

When it comes to food festivals (even if food-throwing), Italy, undoubtedly, will be among the top countries to hold them :) Every February Ivera, Italy turns orange for 3 days, while Battle of the Oranges is taking place. Thousands of people come to the streets to have fun and throw an orange!

La Batalla del Vino

La Batalla del Vino is an event for every wine lover. Held annually in Spain's La Rioja region, a huge wine fight invites participants to splash liters of red wine on one another.

Each of these events sounds like an experience that could last a lifetime. We can’t wait to go to them all! :)


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