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Top Event Decoration Ideas An Event

Event design is all about creativity. Every element can create a positive, visceral response from attendees the moment they step into the event. Apart from the usual suspects (lighting, catering tables, stage), there are more decoration ideas to impress the attendees:


A nice drape can make an event look visibly more welcoming or create an upscale event look. Fabric can change event décor by adding more texture, more color, and tone. It can make an event space feel more intimate or, on contrary, appear bigger. Fabric is almost like an event planner’s magic wand :)


Using ceiling decor can be powerful. It drags attendees’ attention to the ceiling and can eliminate the need for floor décoration (equals savings). To make the ceiling the light of the party, use colors, lights, projections, or fabrics.

Seating Arrangement

Arranging and draping the chairs in an unusual, creative way can easily make your event stand out while arranging chairs in some crazy way can lift attendees’ engagement. Another seating tip is that if the event space allows, it’s a good idea to get various seating options to zone the place (e.g. lounge sofas, high stools, low stools, and bean bags).


Event backdrops come in all shapes and colors and can be an invaluable addition to an event atmosphere. A backdrop can be digital, it can use an effect of marquee letters to draw guest’s attention to where you need it to be, it can be an old-school (but still highly effective) printed design on a frame. Backdrops leave a huge room for creativity for the event planners - it’s almost a crime not to use them :)

Event design allows event managers to think outside the box. There are endless ideas that can fit any budget or event type and make it more memorable.

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