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How To Organize A Successful Networking Event

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Organizing a networking event is an increasingly viable way for companies to build up and maintain credibility, get business exposure to the right audience, position themselves as industry thought leaders and make connections.

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If you are thinking about hosting a professional gathering, there are some useful tips that help to run it smoothly and ensure you get all positive effects for the business:

1. Define the niche

Focus on a specific interest/topic of the event to gather the right people. This will ease connections between the invitees and sparkle conversations easier.

2. Decide on the format

Networking can be as structured or as casual as you want and the best way to decide on the level of casualty is to judge what will work best for your audience. If invitees are already familiar with one another, conversations will flow easily and there will be no need to encourage it, while unfamiliar groups might need support to mix and mingle.

3. Choose a venue

Choosing the right size is crucial for a networking event success. Getting too many people in a small place will create unnecessary tension, while a large venue with few attendees will feel empty and unfriendly. Try to limit spaces for small gatherings and promote bigger events well in advance to ensure the right occupancy. Another factor to choose a venue can be ins uniqueness. Interesting venues is a powerful factor in attendance rate increase.

4. Select a time and day wisely

It’s impossible to pick and time and day to suit everyone, but think about the most important demographic for the event and go for the time that works best for them. If you’re targeting business people with extremely busy schedules, it is better to plan a breakfast event so it doesn’t take time of their working day, while an evening drink suits a more junior audience better.

5. Invest in the event promotion

Help people discover your event. Email invitations, social media events, calls – choose what's best to reach your audience and go for it.

7. Facilitate interactions

The most important aspect of a networking event is that people actually network, so meeting and greeting every attendee might be a good idea. Get to know networkers and help identify others who might be useful for them to meet.

8. Follow up to strengthen the relationship

Having a LinkedIn or Facebook online community provides another opportunity for attendees to touch base lets them build their relationships as well as for you to get feedback on the event. By all means, it is worth the time investment.

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A successful networking event is the one that is well thought through. Put yourself in the shoes of an attendee and prepare an event you would like to attend yourself. There is no doubt response will be positive.

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