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Tips To Host The Perfect Corporate BBQ Event

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

It’s summer in Barcelona! Which means it’s a perfect time for a corporate BBQ. Open air events with great food are always a great way to get to know work colleagues in an informal and relaxed setting.

Finding a venue, organising food for a big group of people and taking care of music and entertainment might take a little bit more planning than a regular event preparation. This is why we’ve put together a BBQ checklist of things to consider.

1. Plan the menu carefully - think about the participants and their preferences. Food might be a sensitive topic, and it’s better to be prepared for all cases – vegetarians, pescetarians, meat lovers. Grill allows you to be creative with ingredients – vegetables, cheese, meat, fish – get it all to make your team happy.

2. As the BBQ takes some time to cook, prepare chips, salsa, carrot and celery sticks with hummus, crackers with cheese and other finger- foods for your guests to munch on at the start of the BBQ. It’ll facilitate the mingle and make the waiting for the food to cook smooth.

3. Keep bugs at bay - while some people don’t seem to be affected by mosquitoes, others are not so lucky. Make sure everyone is comfortable and don’t forget to bring some citronella candles or insect repellant.

4. Keep everyone entertained. Cricket, touch football, bocce, croquet or a game of frisbee is a great way to bond with colleagues and have some fun.

5. If you are thinking to have music at the BBQ, take your guest list into consideration and customise accordingly. Your playlist should reflect, and enhance the vibe.

BBQ events are refreshing, easy-going and relaxed. The vibe of a summer night outdoors sets the team in the right mood to just enjoy each other’s company and get closer. It’s a great way to connect with colleagues and we inspire everyone to organise a BBQ this summer.

Open air events are always a great idea, especially in such a sunny and picturesque city as Barcelona. If you decide to do it yourself, our checklist will make it easier. If you prefer to delegate it to the professionals, we are here for you :) Just drop us a message at info@eventbarcelona.es , our official Event Barcelona agency mail.


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