• Anastasija Iskrova


Event Barcelona would like to introduce you some tips for success in organizing your team-building activities. One may wonder if it is productive to invest the time and resources, we are convinced that the value it brings outgrows the cost. Team building activities positively impact outcomes across the company. At the same time it is effective and enjoyable thing to teach your stuff how to work better together and let them have a lot of fun. Below you will find our advice on how to make your team building activity successful.

1. Choose carefully the day and time.

Usually people are not excited to spend extra hours at work. Schedule the activity during the workday, even if it is a lunch time. Don’t forget to provide food and drinks for participants. There are still a lot of people that want to take part in organized activities, so set up the dates.

2. No competition, just collaboration.

Try to make some exercise where people have to work together, solve a problem, give ideas, share the experience. They don’t have to be focused on winning, it could be better group work that makes them closer. When they are working on resolving one problem together, they become faster a strong team.

3. Don´t make it too complicated.

Everybody wants to feel integrated and not left out in the company. It could be good to consider before all the conditions and choose the appropriate activity for every person. All of the employees should have a possibility to participate. It can be a small challenge, but make it accessible.

4. Leave your working place.

Sometimes people have to change the environment where they spend most of their work time to open themselves and feel free. Try to find and book a venue outside of regular offices where people can relax and communicate as friends.

5. Set the objectives.

It is important to inform the workers about the intent of organizing a team building event. The next task is to generate interest setting up some goals but still trying to keep a bit of intrigue, whether you want them to come up with more efficient processes or to do a better group work.

6. Remember about feedbacks.

If the expectations became a reality, you have a good opportunity to plan a new event and attract more employees. It is always important to thank all the participants for coming and ask them to provide constructive feedback about the event that can help you to improve mistakes and make the next event better.

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