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Event Barcelona agency does not want to leave this topic out. Sustainability in meetings and events has become more urgent trend than even. It needs to be integrated into event planning and execution. In event management we are interested in finding balance between people, planet, their attitude to the planet and engagement to make positive change.

From our side we try to involve “event sustainability” as a standard business practice. But to see the results of evaluation people have to realize what they are doing and why they need to. So we think that sustainability has to be a part of every plan. Let´s start to devote at least a bit of time to it and we will see big results.

There are 2 main purposes for event sustainability today, to be precise, minimize negative effects from meetings and create successful event and also achieve sustainable objectives. It is time to develop better planning methods and the ability to predict clients behavior. There are a lot of sustainability issues in the event industry, such as recycling and composting processes, low-carbon event destinations, health and safety, organic products and so on. The biggest concern is to balance the need to conserve resources with providing the best experience for the clients.

During the last years sustainable events show a good progress: improved planning procedures, reduces costs and better relationships. Above all it is also important to understand that all the participants are responsible for the sustainability of event. So the individual planners and suppliers should continue to implement better practice at their meetings and events on a daily basis.

Don´t think that we are on easy way. But this is a great challenge and opportunity to generate new ideas and trends for the future progress. If you would like to create sustainability event, we are ready to help you. For any questions contact us at: info@eventbarcelona.es.

If you like to read more about sustainability events, we would like to share the link where our colleagues explain generally more interesting facts about this topic: https://www.corporateeventnews.com/news/new-green-white-paper-dives-deep-sustainability-meetings-and-events.


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