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Reflecting on 2019 With Event Barcelona

In a blink of an eye, 2019 has passed. But what a year it was! From massive conferences to formal dinners, to crazy parties - we put our hearts in every event we’ve organized and learned so much from every single one of them.

Together with our spectacular clients, we went on a Cava journey in a local Masia, got back in time to the Soviet Union and rocked the dancefloor at the communist party headquarters, dressed up for a Gatsby Night to emerge in the roaring 20-s in style and organized a crazy scientist reunion. MWC 2019 was our catering playground, and AW Europe Conference had the best hostesses with our support. Some of our events lasted for several days and we’ve got to enjoy managing enduring conferences and team buildings, other events could take several hours but be that fulfilling that we wouldn’t forget :)

We’ve discovered new event venues in Barcelona and tested a few of them: Hotel Villa Emilia, Go Beach Club, The Philippines Club, Hotel Pulitzer, Can Cortada and El Cercle. We’ll keep discovering new hidden gems next year ;)

Reflecting on 2019 at Event Barcelona, we realised how much we have matured as a company. The journey was fun and wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing clients and fantastic partners! Thank you for a magnificent 2019 - we are excited to re-connect next year (in 2 days :D) and organise more and even better events in 2020 together!

Happy New Year!

Your Event Barcelona team <3


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