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Pro Tips On Running Sustainable Events

At Event Barcelona, we are concerned about sustainability and do our best to run our business with the lowest negative effect on the environment and local communities. While we know that sometimes it seems hard to do for planners, we also know the tricks that will help to reduce the negative footprint of corporate events.

1. Choose natural light

When deciding on the event venue, go for space that offers plenty of natural light. Natural light will not only positively affects attendees’ mood and increases their energy and engagement levels, but also helps to save on electricity bills and reduce the event’s carbon footprint.

2. Prepare an event’s waste plan

When you plan an event, put a recycling process into place. Involve your attendees in the process - get recycling bins and make sure your guests are informed about it. This will help to maintain the venue and reduce the event’s waste.

3. Go plastic-free

Organising events without the use of plastic sounds like an impossible mission for many. Although at Event Barcelona, we can assure you - it’s possible. Choose the right suppliers, introduce reusable cups, pick paper packaging. As long as you’re committed to making a change, you’ll find plenty of plastic-free options :)

4. Get local suppliers on-board

Whether you’re planning a local event or an international conference, involve local suppliers. Design offices, catering companies, or audiovisual teams are easily accessible locally and might be a lot more flexible than international corporations. Sustainability is not just about the environment, it’s also about social responsibility and supporting local communities.

5. Favor environmentally-friendly foods

When it comes to food, choose options that comply with sustainability values. Choose chicken over veal, organic over non-organic, and local over imported foods to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

6. Use more bicycles and less private transport

Corporate and team building events often include transportation. Though private logistics is not always needed. If you’re going on a tour, pick a bicycle one. It’s both more sustainable and more fun :)

Planning a sustainable event might be difficult especially if there’s a lack of practice. Not everyone can switch to a 100% sustainable event in one go - it takes time and experience as there are a lot of things to consider. But it’s important to start and gradually come to the fully environmentally-friendly events. If you need recommendations or would like to organise your next sustainable event with us - get in touch at info@eventbarcelona.es. We’ll be excited to help!


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