• Anastasija Iskrova

Past events: Indoor Team Building Activities

Event Barcelona would love to share pictures from this great Team Building Event for a french audience. The challenge was to find 2 venues for this event, in one of them our guests had special team building activities, they improvised stand up and learned about acting, in another they had a cozy elegant club dinner.

To start our attendees were greeted with a group of animators, they were giving to our guests different exciting assignments, everybody participated. Team building improvisation activities are a good way to get people together, to know each other better and enjoy this amazing ambience full of laughter.

Even after the engaging afternoon our guests were still full of energy and positive emotions. We had not noticed how the time flies. Next, a real Spanish feast had unveiled itself in one of old houses of Barcelona. Our guests had enjoyed the elegance and sophistication in every detail of an ex embassy house. At the end we saw a pleased crowd dancing and drinking refreshing open bar cocktails.

Past Events, Event Barcelona

Past Events, Event Barcelona

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