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Past Events: Conference Branding

The bigger the event the more attention to details organisers need. There are so many elements that have to work out perfectly together that every element of the planning becomes equally vital.

One of the latest events we helped to manage was a massive +1,200 people conference held in Paris. Preparation for the event started long before it happened, and plenty of suppliers were getting ready with their respective assignments. Event Barcelona took care of the conference branding & stage decoration. We built a diamond structure brand logo that served as a branded photocall and was placed in the middle of the main hall. Another piece of branding we installed at the event was the stage decor. We built the branded structure at the back of the stage. Both pieces were created to be seen by more than 1,000 people, thus were impressive in size and built with incredible precision. Event Barcelona was proud to present our partner and that pride was mutual.

Are you having a conference coming soon and still need to work on the branding? Get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelona.es. We’ll be happy to help :)


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