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Past Events: Back To USSR Immersive Party

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Our latest Back to USSR Soviet-Union-style party was an incredible experience. All our guests were so invested, so ready to get Back to the USSR with us! It was amazing to see them all engaged, immersed in all the activities and having fun.

The immersive Back To USSR gathering happened on May 1st, the Labour Day, which in the Soviet times was an event of a huge importance. We invited our guests to celebrate it together and enter our “communism headquarters”, The Philippines Club. The place was thoughtfully decorated in the Soviet-style to create the right environment. We set a classic buffet with shots of vodka, caviar toasts, soviet donuts, etc. , chose the playlist with the best songs from the USSR and prepared a 2-hours long entertaining program to ensure the complete immersion.

To join the party, invitees had to share a unique password and pass a test proving they were not spies. They participate in the Communist Party meeting and selected a new Party leader, had to show their skills and dedication to the Grand Idea of communism by singing Soviet songs and reciting Karl Marx. Finally, they had to resolve the Cold War and prevent the Soviet Union from breaking. It was great fun to dance, sing, and go back in time altogether.

After such a positive experience, we are excited to organise more theme events. Contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es to make your new theme event idea happen.


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