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Past Events: All roads lead to Rome or Teambuilding in Rome

What can be better to start a new year than a teambuilding event?A couple of weeks ago Event Barcelona took a trip to Rome, where we threw an amazing 80-pax, 3-days long team building. The colossal event took place in a 5-star hotel at the Italian capital of art, gastronomy, and culture.

Preparation for the event started long before its actual date. At Event Barcelona, we were taking care of the ideas generation, customized materials production, the overall event setup, and team building facilitation. Among all the activities that were planned and managed, we came up with an “interactive wall” exercise, which was an amazing experience for the client’s team to share. This team building activity idea consisted of several parts: first, we produced the personalized eco-friendly boxes so each participant had one and placed it all over the conference hall. The boxes had various designs on the sides and 2 of them served bigger purposes - one had a questionnaire that participants needed to fill out and the other one had a piece of a puzzle. All boxes placed together would create a giant puzzle wall. After the brief, the event attendees went around the conference room excitedly picking up the boxes, filling out their questionnaire parts and putting up all the pieces of the puzzle together :) The room was filled with the lively buzz! The event attendees were collaborating and building the final wall design altogether as a team. With all the teamwork, it didn’t take them long - the design was built and the box wall turned into a photo background. No one expected such a turn (but we did:) ). The team got extremely happy and took a thousand photos of their own personalised photo-wall.

This team building event was a great success - our ideas were very welcomed by the clients. We were excited to see how the team was enjoying uniting in accomplishing a strategic task and will be happy to share many more ideas like that :) Are you looking for an original team building activity? Let us know at info@eventbarcelona.es - we’ll be happy to help.


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