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Past Events: A Perfect Example Of A Work-Fun Balanced Corporate Event

Balance is important in all aspects of life - corporate events are not an exception :) One of the latest events we organised at Event Barcelona was a great example of a work-fun balance. The event plan was well-thought-through: 3 days of conferences (the work part) were evened by 3 magnificent dinners in the heart of Barcelona (here comes the fun).

At Event Barcelona agency, we enjoyed organising this corporate event immensely. First, we prepared the official part of the conference - did the conference’s branding and made sure all tables, photocalls, flyers, banners, and lanyards were styled and branded correctly. Second, Event Barcelona agency took care of all the technical setup of the corporate event. The technical part can’t be overlooked at a conference (or any event to be honest). It’s extremely important for the conference speakers to deliver their message seamlessly and we ensured that.

Each day after the conference it was time to recharge for all the participants. Thus, Event Barcelona organised the fun :) We took out the whole crew to 3 different authentic restaurants in Barcelona to enjoy delicious food and get the feel of the Spanish culture. On the first night, our guests had a typical Catalan dinner at Can Cortada, which was welcomed by the guests with applause :) The second night we decided to change the tune a little bit and took the conference attendees to Dos Torres. Located in the chic district of Barcelona, the restaurant was set up in a castle and stole the hearts of diners by its luxurious decoration and superb food.

On the last night, we went outside of Barcelona to Pueblo Español, to have a typical dinner from the south of Spain and watch a Flamenco show. The last dinner impressed the conference’s guests in multiple ways - first, with delicious food, and second, with the dance. The attendees were stunned! :)

Do you want your next conference to be that well-balanced? Get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelona.es and we’ll make sure your conference plan is set for success ;)


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