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Past Events: 4 Days-Long Conference And A Teambuilding Event

Work hard, play hard - there were no better words to describe one of our latest events. Together with our partners we organized a great-scale 4-days-long conference which was followed by a very active recovery - a teambuilding trip to explore Spain.

The conference was taking place in Lleida, a small town 2 hours away from Barcelona. At Event Barcelona agency, we love showing Spain to our guests in its unique beauty, so we picked an authentic rustic hotel from the 17th century located in the heart of the city as the main conference location. While the guests were arriving and preparing for the event, we took care of the event branding and prepared all the photocalls, flyers, banners, lanyards, pens, bags etc.

At the fully branded and well-technically equipped conference hall, the event was going flawlessly. After various presentations and passionate discussions at the conference that lasted for several days, the guests were ready for a break. So the Event Barcelona team organized a tour for all the participants. In this little adventure, they could see the oldest and most magical corners of the city: the old town, the emblematic castle of Lleida, the archaeological remains, and other treasures. The tour was led by one of our most talented guides, who added a great story to the beautiful scenery so the attendees could enjoy the journey to the fullest :)

The next day was filled with even more adventures. We organised a delicious catering and headed towards Montserrat - one of the most historically rich landmarks in Catalonia. The place is literally and figuratively magical - there are plenty of legends and fantastic stories. The guests got to enjoy this amazing sightseeing together with our guide who shared the place’s history in colorful details. When the tour was over, we made our way to Gramona, one of the best wineries in Spain. The guests' excitement level went up to the sky as they could enjoy a winery tour and relax at an amazing Gala Dinner with the most typical Spanish dishes (and wines :) ).

It’s important for the event triumph to get a balance between long-lasting conferences and the time for the team to relax together. We see this “work hard, play hard” format working extremely well. Are you planning your conference soon? Get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelona.es - we’ll be happy to help you with the planning ;)


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