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New ways to take advantage of Outdoor Events

Outdoor corporate events tend to strengthen ties between team members. Nowadays, this type of events are seen as boring or repetitive physical activities; we believe the opposite! These events can awaken creativity and innovation in your team - both are the pillars of our way of managing events - and from there, create fun experiences. We'll tell you more about that below.

Breathing new air with your equipment

Get out of the office routine and discover new spaces with your team. If outdoor events are an option in your company, we leave you a tip: Always look for new spaces, surprise your people by taking them to new places, this not only rises their interest but motivates them to participate in the activities in the office. If you don't know where to hold your event, contact us!

Interesting and Fun Activities

Capturing the attention of your company's employees is a mission for us! Here are some activities we consider creative, innovative and that will ensure fun for your team.

1.-Wine tasting

Do you wanna try different kind of wine? One of the best options to relax, learn about the wine culture and break the communication barrier with the team members who are a little shy. It is an elegant and sophisticated option, which will be very successful and fun!

2.- Climbing

Moving the body is always the best alternative! Activating the synergy in your team through physical activities like climbing, have great benefits. We have many professionals providing safety and appropriate guidance. You have fun and we will take care of you.

3. - Treasure hunt in inflatable castles in green areas

Remember when you were a kid and how much fun you had? Let's get back to it! We offer you several places with large green areas in which we can install inflatable playgrounds, create a treasure hunt and form teams with your colleagues. All united, having fun and competing healthily to find the treasure!

4. - Business murals

Painting and having fun as a team and in a big way. From graffiti to wall paintings, to have an artist who can guide the team and let them have fun, what can be better then a colourful and collective mural? Building trust through art.

5. -Sports championships

Football, volleyball, basketball or swimming. Choose one or several sports and together we create the Olympics for your company. This type of activity allows teams to organise themselves and release endorphins through exercise. In addition, after-hours activities will improve the bonds between them and motivate them continuously.

With passion and imagination, we can offer you different and challenging proposals, contact us at: info@barcelonaevents.es


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