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Looking for a perfect venue? Tips from Event organising agency

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

While planning an event, you have to choose the appropriate venue. The venue is of utmost importance for the success of your event, it can create the right ambience and feel people with joy or destroy attendees' opinion about you or your company. These is what you should have in mind for your venue:

  • easily accessible by public transport if you are not planning to provide transportation; you might think of such things as parking, to make it easier for your attendees to arrive on time. Tip: bus rent can increase your event cost up to 50%.

  • perfect size for the amount of people who confirmed their attendance. Imagine you book a venue for 200 people and only 100 comes, it may cause space discrepancy and feeling that the event is empty and not successful. Vice versa, 300 people in a space for 200 will definitely feel uncomfortable and too packed. You should always have number of attendees in mind before you start looking for a venue.

  • prepaid. After the venue choice was made, book it and make at least 10% deposit asap, otherwise you risk not getting it. It is in Spanish culture to promise you orally and often in writing, but then rent the venue to the first person that shows the money. Without deposit, most likely you will find out that the place will have already been booked for this date by someone else -"oops guapo, did not work out, we'll do business with you next time ". Valid for all popular venues in Barcelona, even if the person renting out is your friend or says they do not want a deposit. Do not risk, make a deposit.

  • layout is very important for the type of impression you would like to leave on your attendees. Think of the types of activities you need to run during the event, for ex. if you need to do live streaming you will be better of with one open space then with lots of little rooms in order to position the camera.

  • acoustics is not an obvious thing to think about while choosing the place. Have you ever attended an event where the venue was so quite that you could here the nachos breaking in your mouth? or opposite, so loud that you can not here your own name? Try to attend the venue when it's full off people before making final decision.

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