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Let's save the planet together, every event counts!

Corporate Social Responsibility is awakening, every day, a lot of interest and care. We see how our clients look for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for their events, and implement all that in a conscious way into the company's processes. In Event Barcelona we would like to suggest you some ways to motivate your team to be eco-friendly and take care of the planet.

A woman holding a plant in a environmental talk by Event Barcelona

Talk about the environment

As an event management agency, we are connected to various environmental projects, which seek to save the planet from all types of pollution that affect us today. A chat where you can share your experience, where your team members can ask questions, ask for information and exchange opinions. As one of the objectives of this type of event, we want to generate results that can be appreciated in concrete actions of conscience: recycling, generating less waste, reusing. All this will have long-term benefits, for the planet and for the company!

Enviormental talk in Criteo, by Event Barcelona

Cleaning day!

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, we believe that one of the best ways for humans to learn something is by living it, how about a day of cleaning on the beach? or perhaps, a day to collect cigarette butts in a crowded park, many are the options, and is an activity that generates trust and good humour among participants. In addition to allowing them to do an entertaining physical activity and be full of laughter.

Recycling and cleaning eco-friendly event, Event Barcelona event management agency

Use of recyclable materials in your events

Providing a delicious breakfast or a healthy coffee break, to recharge the strength of your team is an excellent idea, and if you pay attention to having recyclable and biodegradable material, it is even better! Generating environmental awareness and introducing your employees to the new ways of caring for nature is the key to a success!

Catering an event with eco-friendly material by Event Barcelona

We want to take care of the planet and your team, contact us at: info@eventbarcelona.es


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