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Is Live Music At The Event A Good Idea?

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Bringing a live band for a corporate event can be tricky. On the one hand, it helps to impress attendees, ensure the right ambiance and increase guests’ engagement. On the other hand, it can become a distraction and an inconvenience if not planned properly.

Here are some consideration points that might help you to make the right music decision.

1. Event type.

Live music will be a perfect fit for rather casual evening events – networking, awards nights, company dinners. It will set the right mood and enrich the atmosphere. Formal presentations will go better without live bands as attendees have to stay focused and engaged.

2. Attendees profile.

Consider the cultural and geographic background of your audience - live music has to appeal to your event attendees. Take into consideration genres, or musical periods – the better the fit with your audience’s preferences, the bigger the success.

3. Location.

Music needs to be a fit with the location of your corporate event – in grandeur and ambiance, as well as in terms of technical capabilities. Make sure the surroundings fit the genre and presentation of the music. A solo musician will most likely seem lost in a large conference hall, but might be the perfect fit for an intimate dinner at a winery with your best clients.

Music plays an important role at corporate events. The choice between live and recorded accompaniment should be made based on attendees’ demographics, your venue capabilities and a fit with the event purpose. Just think those points are through, and you will make the choice that guests will enjoy.

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