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Is food important for the success of your event?

Have you been to an event where the food was so beautifully presented that you wanted to try it all? Or where it was so tasty you almost licked your empty dish? Or have you heard a horror story where corporate party finished in the hotel toilets as everyone was sick after something they ate? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you must know the importance of food. The gastronomy in events is one of the most important aspects, that needs to be of the best possible quality.


In a corporate event, it is the food that fills in the blank spaces between the meetings and entertainment: coffee breaks, mixed buffets, gala dinners... This is why in order to organise a successful event, you must rely on a quality catering company with a guarantee of the service level and value. We advise to try food in advance and if this is not possible then read some recommendations and comments online, to make sure you know what you are dealing with and prepare for any possible shortcomings.


A good catering is characterised by their ability to adapt to the place and to the ongoing situation. Nowadays, the allergies and intolerances are increasingly present. Make sure your catering company is prepared to serve extra gluten free, vegan or nuts free options. It is often the case, that people who are not vegan decide to go for a vegan dish, but catered food is usually prepared in a different place from where it is served, adding extra vegan dish with short notice could be impossible. Make sure that people with special dietary requirements are served first in order to avoid these situations.

Likewise, good catering will be able to create a new menu, catered just to your groups tastes.


Last but not least is number of people per server, this will heavily depend on the type of the event you are doing. However, if it is the standard sit down dinner, the benchmark would be 1 waiter per 10-12 people. Everything more than that will create delays at food coming on the tables and plates coming off them.

The purpose of food at your event could be different, you might just need to fill in the blanks between your meetings or put on an impressive show to convince a client. Rest assured, Food is what makes an event unique. Make sure you design an extraordinary food experience that will remain in the mind of each person at the event.

We worked with countless catering companies in order to find the best catering that guaranty quality, value and is create an unforgettable shared moment.

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