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Importance Of Event Photography

If you’re planning a corporate event, big chances are on of the points on your list is getting an event photographer. Why top-quality event photography is so important?

1. It creates word-of-mouth

Strong event photography helps to create free marketing for your event agency. Hiring photographers who can capture the brightest moments of your event in the best light is a challenge but it’s worth your time and effort. High-quality professional event photography has a significant impact on your branding and affects the way people respond to your event organization activities.

2. It helps to get publicity

Great event photography is a vital marketing tool that can open various publicity opportunities for your event agency. If you want your event to be shared media, professional photography is the first step to get there. Publicity raises your event agency awareness which leads to more clients. An excellent photo can become a starting point of a conversation with a new prospect.

3. It generates a Sense of Credibility

High-quality photography can make an event feel more credible. Professional photos can help to establish an event agency’s reputation and convince potential clients in its reliability.

Having great photographers on-board though is not a guarantee of the event photography success. You, as an event planner, have to make sure to give your professionals proper briefing, clearly stating the key moments of the event that have to be captured.

At Event Barcelona, we have established long-lasting partnerships with the best photo artists in Barcelona and developed a detailed briefing plan that helps the photographers to do their job at 150%. We know it’s crucial to have great footage of the event for the media, for attendees’ memories and your own tracking. Get in touch if you need help with organisation of your next event photography at info@eventbarcelona.es ;)


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