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How Useful Are Professional Event Planners?

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

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Planning a corporate event? Preparing for a product launch party? Participating in a trade show? Those who have organized at least one event in their lives know how intense and overwhelming it can be. Juggling your daily job with event planning without any support might give you a grey hair or two.

An obvious stress release will be outsourcing.

There are many benefits in hiring a third party to manage design and production needs for your corporate events and meetings. Rather than doing it on your own, let a planner identify preferred venues, negotiate vendor pricing, and complete necessary event registrations – you will be surprised by how valuable this can be.

First, your company’s productivity won’t be affected. Focus on what’s important to keep your business running.

Second, paying a third party to plan and manage your corporate event often ends up costing less than you think. Professional event planners usually have vast network of vendors with which allows them to negotiate great deals with venues, rental suppliers, caterers, photographers, audio-visual production teams, florists, and other event vendors.

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Plus, if you plan to consistently use the same event company to coordinate several corporate gatherings throughout the year, you may be able to negotiate a reduced planning fee in advance. More savings are coming your way :)

To sum up, if you are not a huge fan of running around, if talking to multiple people at the same time staying on top of every conversation sounds like a nightmare, if intense negotiations is not your passion and extra grey hair are not needed, hiring a professional planner for your event organisation is what you need. And we will be happy to help! Drop us a message at info@eventbarcelona.es to start a productive collaboration.


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