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How to use events to promote your brand

In the age of the digital revolution, it is easy to overlook the ever-growing benefits of live events. Live events create unique opportunities for your customers to touch, smell and demo your product. Brand events bring like-minded people together and ensure the growth of your community and brand awareness. Not to mention social media value that live events deliver thanks to multiple photos and tags. All this content exists out there, promoting your brand.

Event Barcelona agency has prepared a list of the top 3 advantages that your brand will experience by engaging in live events.

Top 3 advantages

1. Showcase your brand

When organising a live event, you are fully in charge of messaging, branding and the environment in which you demonstrate your brand. It gives you the power of full control over your customers’ thoughts.

Holding an event is an easy way to increase your company’s visibility, presence and boost your brand awareness. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to demonstrate or launch a new product and get feedback.

Last but not least, a live event is your big splash for social media and web marketing. It is an opportunity to use your digital campaigns to their full extent.

2. Build community

The attendees of your event develop a relationship with the brand and it stays top of mind. Moreover, they develop relationships with each other which can ensure more active engagement online. There is a power in seeing other people following the same blog or buying the same product.

Events are also a great tool to build trust and validity. Imagine you are a new company, by throwing an event you are showing that you are the real-deal and, furthermore, your company is doing great.

3. Generate revenue

There are several ways to monetise when hosting a live event. You can charge ticket price on entry, sell your products or perform a fundraiser campaign. Giving back to the community is an easy way to spark attention for your brand.

Finally, events can bring you solid business opportunities for future growth. Events are the best ways to develop a long-lasting relationship with your crowd. During an event, if all goes well you will gain your customers’ commitment for the future through their attendance.

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