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How to stand out during MWC Barcelona? Booth Management ideas.

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

If you have been developing technology for mobile world Congress over several years it's very important that you consider the idea of organising your event or after party in a way that you can stand out from the competition. Whether you are exhibiting at a booth or planning an event to coincide with the MWC, there are some wonderful ways you can stand out, even on a budget:

1. Take as much set up time as possible: find out when the MWC is opening up to vendors and be sure to show up as early as possible. Setting up an immaculate booth and getting it visible on social media before visitors enter the event can make sure that people will head straight to you.

2. Offer giveaways: offering incentives to get to your booth early or to come at several times throughout the day can be a great way to get people to remember your products and services and really consider your company.

3. Give them something to relate to: if you're hosting an event, consider showcasing an interview in the media where one of your employees or your product was featured. Showcasing areas where you’ve been seen on television or from influence marketers can give an instant credibility to your brand.

4. Generate a buzz by bringing a crowd: having one of the longest lines to see your booth, or a packed drinks reception where everyone's invited can really showcase the generosity of your brand and generate a buzz about your products. Posting event at MWC or an after party with an open membership can bring people in and get them very excited about your brand.

5. Get help from an agency: working with an event organising agency to build up your presence at an event can often put your company on the map. They can give you the same types of tools that some of the larger companies at an event may bring in. A little investment can go a long way to improve your visitors’ experience and drive customer retention.

6. Add humour and a personal touch: An attractive booth that is designed to be fun and friendly can often put you ahead of the larger competition. Having your employees on-site and able to talk to people who come in to visit your booth is a great way to make sure everyone feels welcome. This is something that many of the largest companies at MWC may not be able to deliver in the same way. Larger brands don't often need to make this personal connection to generate a buzz about a new product.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you want to stand out at MWC Barcelona.

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