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How to organise entertaining breaks during your event?

Guests can get bored during the breaks, but breaks are essential for productive work. When organising an event your task is to diversify guests leisure. We can divide breaks during the events into 2 groups:

Relax zone at the event, seating area

1. Free time.

No activity is organised for the guests, they are left to themselves;

Do not underestimate the "free" breaks. They are vital for an intense event that requires a lot of concentration. They give the mind a some space that helps to focus on the next programme activity. Organise a cozy relax zone with soft seats, pillows and relaxing music. may be even offer some free 5 minutes long massage sessions. Let people breath!

Conference activity, event break, organised leisure.

2. Interactive and beneficial.

Active breaks can be a change of activity, they let participants engage different areas of the brain. This is a good opportunity to multiply the effect of the event. To do so use these ideas:

  • Team-building break! Prepare a quiz or sports competition.

  • Networking pause. Leave people the ability to interact with others during organised networking sessions.

  • Go classic, discuss peoples ideas for the future.

  • Nature has a calming effect. Use fresh air activities to have some fun during the breaks.

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