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How To Make Your New Year Party A Success

New Year Eve is the hottest time in almost every industry, but especially in the event planning business. With so many events going on at the same time, how to make sure your party stands out? Event Barcelona prepared a short checklist that will help your event to get its desired attention :)

1. Make it a unique, worthy experience

New Year is the time when price surcharges happen everywhere. But guests are ready to pay extra for valuable experiences. Make sure to include something exciting to your event plan (like we did for our New Year Gatsby party) - your guests will appreciate it. Some ideas:

- Open bars

- Free welcome drinks

- Entertaining programmes and VJs

- Live music

- Kids entertainment

- Themed nights

2. Make sure your tickets are easy to find and purchase

It’s essential to facilitate the purchase process. Ensure to include links to ticket selling websites everywhere you talk about the event be it a partner blog post, your Facebook page or an email campaign.

3. Find the right time to announce the event

It's undoubtedly important to shout out about your event in advance to reach your audience but you should never discount the power of last-minute purchasers. According to an Eventbrite survey, 46% of people admit they make a decision to attend a New Year’s party last minute. So make sure to advertise your last tickets more intensively in the last couple of days before the event :)

New Year Eve events are destined to go through an intense competition but to make sure your party succeeds, make it unique, easy to book and save some spots for the last minute guests :)


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