• Anastasija Iskrova


We all know that event planning should be in a list of the most responsible assignments. But it is even more difficult task to find a really good event planner. Whenever you need help in organising your celebration the first question is how to find a reliable event organizer.

Let´s discuss how to get a professional and trustworthy event organizer with individual approach to every client.

Nowadays Google Search and good feedback play a big role in finding reliable event planner. Be sure that the event agency that stays in the top 10 google results is a good indicator of quality and professionalism. It will help to save your time from dealing with amateurs that just want to “play” the role of an event organizer.

The website and the social profiles is a business card of each event agency. There you can find all useful information about organisation of events and you can also see the level of professionalism of the company.

To find exactly what you need check the range of activities of event agency, services that they offer and the size of realized events. Keep in mind that event or party organized for 20 people will need a very different type of skills and set of resources from corporate event for 500 participants.

Be careful with negative feedbacks on social media especially if there is no appropriate answer from organiser. Experienced event planner knows that the client is always right and he/she will do everything to leave his/her client satisfied and pleased. Search for the real adequate opinion of someone who has already had an experience with this planner in the past and make your conclusions based on received information.

Pay attention to the first email or phone call that you have with the planner. A person never has a second chance to make a first impression. That´s certainly true story for the event planner. Did they sound convincing and experienced? Do you feel that you get enough useful information? Ask everything you want to know before starting to work closely with this person and to decide that you are making a good choice.

There is nothing more important than communication for event planner. This person has to know how to be clear, patient, has to have lots of ideas prepared and above all to be able to listen to all customer needs without interruptions. If you feel that event planner gives you enough information and satisfies your needs and requirements, be sure that you are on the right way.

Read carefully everything we have talked before one more time and if you feel that you need a professional support for event planning don´t hesitate to contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es


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