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How to Facilitate Networking at Your Event

Most event planners would agree that people are going to events for two main reasons - self-improvement and networking. Many attendees are looking to connect with their own teams or other professionals and build business relationships. How can event planners support? Here are 3 quick tips to facilitate networking at your event.

1. Provide catering.

It’s an easy one :) What could possibly connect people better than free food & drinks? Open bars and food areas are always the most crowded places on the event floor. Attendees usually stick around and are more likely to start conversations with each other.

Pro tip: afternoon and evening events with happy hours are best for socializing :)

2. Organise games.

That’s probably one of the most efficient ways to engage attendees. Funny contests, team competitions, or scavenger hunts go well with almost any type of crowd and connect people instantly. Plus, it’s fun to watch :) Try it out.

3. Ensure everyone has a badge.

A pro tip straight away here - include more than just a name on the badge. Make it a tool for conversation starters. Ask your event attendees to state their city of origin, their favorite pet, life passions or hobbies, some interests, or the job area. In no time you will start to hear "Oh, you are from Madrid? Me too!" or "OMG, I love sewing as well!".

Networking and relationship building at events is extremely important for attendees, though it doesn’t always come easy. So as event organisers, the best we can do is to facilitate it :)


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