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How to create an ambient mood during your event?

Ambient party food as a tool

The easiest way to get your party going is to get your people in the right mood. Creating an ambient and relaxing environment during your event does not have to be difficult. Check out 5 tips from Event Barcelona agency on how to plan the right mood during your event:

How to plan a great mood during your party

1. Come up with the overall theme

Having a main party/event theme will allow you to set the mood even before the party starts. Research shows that themes greatly affect people's mood and can be empowering as a tool for an event organiser. Be careful with overly aggressive themes, you don't want to have your usually quiet colleagues fighting each other by the end of the Gypsy themed party (based on experience).

balloons at the party

2. Add some colour

Transform the space instantly through the colour therapy! Use fresh flowers, helium balloons, textures and posters to add a splash of colour to the venue.

Transform the venue with lights.

3. Use ambient lightning

changing lightning is an inexpensive and easy way to change how the place feels. Hire some colour changing lights to change the mood as an event progresses. Use warmer tones at the beginning to get people in the friendly mood or yellows to raise peoples attention levels during a conference.

Scent as the mood changer

4. Transform the space with some scent

Do not forget about the smell! Use some scented candles, smell diffusers and so on to make your event unique and memorable. A smell of tomato leaf will make people enjoy food more vs a smell of Pinor Noir will relax people and contribute to networking mood.

Themed food to plan an event

5. Play with food

The easiest way to get party going is to put some food on the tables. Make sure to check the quality of food beforehand, as much as it can create a pleasant mood it can also raise dissatisfaction. It is difficult to make up for bad quality food with other points, so make sure your suppliers are good!

Event Barcelona has the experience and network of suppliers to organise a perfect event for your company. Get in touch at info@eventbarcelona.es


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