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Hotel Villa Emilia - A Unique Multifunctional Space To Organize Your Perfect Event

The restaurant and event venues scene in Barcelona is as hot as ever, and new places continue to pop up every month. Knowing from our own experience how difficult it is to choose the right one for your event, we decided to share our personal favorites.

The first one on the list that we will continue to expose is Hotel Villa Emilia, a stylish atmospheric multifunctional venue in the center of Barcelona. We had an amazing first-hand experience there, and trust us, you won’t regret choosing it as your event space.

As we mentioned, multifunctionality is one of the biggest advantages of the place. First, it’s a gorgeous hotel that can accommodate your international teams, ensuring their comfortable stay in Barcelona.

Second, it’s a great place to have a conference, workshop, brainstorming, or any other formal event as their meeting rooms are top-notch.

Third, it’s a food venue with well-known in the area cuisine. Hotel Emilia is famous for its great cocktails and delicious tapas. There are multiple resto-spaces: a terrace on the hotel’s rooftop where you can host a BBQ, drinks and tapas and any other cozy event with a great view on Barcelona. There's also a bistro with a more restaurant-like feel. It serves brunch, lunch, and dinner in an intimate and quiet atmosphere. Finally, if you are having an after-work, Zinc bar will probably be your best option. Cocktails there are just amazing!

We love Hotel Emilia for many things, but what is the most important is that they are putting service and atmosphere as the top priority - if you choose to host your event there, rest assured the staff will do everything for you and your guests to have a great time.

Contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es to organize your next event at Hotel Emilia - we are sure it will meet and most probably exceed your expectations ;)


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