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Flowers: The delicate touch that your event needs

"Roses, lilies, orchids and gladiolas are some of the options that offer elegance, solemnity and will make the atmosphere of your event unforgettable"

Flowers are an excellent option for all types of events; they provide colour, vitality, mood; they transport the attendees into a wonderful event world and create the environment that you want to achieve for that event that we have planned together.

Flowers as decoration for an event

In Event Barcelona we know that not all flowers are suitable for all events. For us, the floral arrangements - we carefully select for your corporate event - are like your venue's gala dress. Here are some tips on what type of flowers can best accompany your event:

Roses, lilies, orchids and gladiolas are some of the options that offer elegance, solemnity and will make the atmosphere of your event unforgettable. How do you know which of them to select? We will help you!

- Roses are always classic and timeless. We believe that roses will never go out of style, be sure to select the colour that best suits your event, taking into account the colour palette of your event, the light design and the time of day it will take place. They are perfect for decorating outdoor events and centrepieces.

Red roses in a vase for events

- Tulips, discreet and very chic. Perfect decoration for an informative stand, a lunch with your team. They are very well known and due to their size and silhouette, they are considered very elegant. We love them!

Tulips are a discreet decoration option for a conference

- Lilies, are exotic and very resistant flowers, which is ideal for full day events. Motivate your team with the scent and energy of orange lilies, colour associated with positivism!

For us, the key in corporate events is in the connection between people, flowers are perfect complements to generate the appropriate warm environment and make us feel comfortable, so we can strengthen ties with co-workers, enjoying a pleasant working ambience.

Lilies are a perfect choice for an event decoration, corporate party or conference

The other "flowers"

It's very trendy to use more unusual options as floral arrangements: vegetable plants, mandala cactus, among others, can give your event that bohemian air you are looking for.

Cactus and vegetation for your event deco

Centros de mesa con plantas

Other tips

The presence of a really tall and big flowers arrangement, with very contrasting colours, prevent free visual communication between attendees to your event. The size of the centrepieces or the floral decoration that you choose for each occasion, should not steal the attention or generate discomfort in the space.

Centros de mesa para eventos corporativos

We advise you to use floral centres proportional to the size of the tables you have in your event, with vibrant colours and, at the same time, harmonious.

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