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Event Barcelona event organizing agency loves sharing interesting event trends with you. One of them is Face recognition, so let's have a closer look on this new inspiring technology and learn how to use it in events organizing industry.

Facial recognition for event planners is a new technology of identifying a person from a digital image or captured photo and it is also a convenient way of measuring the mood and behavior of not only one person but the entire crowd. Facial recognition technology is going to be a real trend in 2019 because it can even identify emotions and see facial expressions. Let´s say it allows you to control the mood of your event.

Facial Recognition in events

Today we will talk about 3 main advantages of facial recognition:

1. The fastest Check-In Process

All the users and event visitors will have easy and seamless check-in. Everybody knows that long check-in process can make a bad impression and kill the mood while standing in a long queue. So the only thing we will need is a camera that identifies a participant. This great and efficient solution that will speed up the process of event registration. The best thing about it this that it can fit the lowest budgets.

Check-in Facial Recognition

2. Increased Event Security

Nowadays standard video camera and security personnel are not the safest ways to determine the signs of potential dangers to your event. Facial recognition software has the capability to read behaviors which denote aggression and to read the expressions and body language of event attendees. Its database containing all information about criminals helps to prevent a crime even before it takes place.

Event Security

3. Feedback Time

With this software you will be able to see the level of satisfaction of all the clients. Moreover, facial recognition will put the end of event feedback forms. Unfortunately, people don't really like filling out forms but the feedback form continues to be a valuable asset. Nowadays you can evaluate a user’s facial expression with the system that shows exactly what people are feeling during the event, whether they were satisfied with the event or not. It will give event planners the ability to act quickly on attendee feedback during the event, rather than having to fix it next time.

Feedback for Events, Facial Recognition Feedback

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