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New trend: Events without Wi-Fi.

Events are often stressful not only for organisers, but also for visitors. Business meetings and conferences became so saturated, that by the end of the day, visitors feel an information overload. Apart from presentations, talks and sound stimuli of the event, tension rises by the habit of constant messaging, mailing, recording.

As an answer to that a new trend has emerged: Events without gadgets! How does this work and what are the benefits, read in this article.

Get rid of Wi-Fi

Firstly, create "dead zones" at the event in order to restrain people from Internet addiction. Let the visitors know through your conference programme where are the zones free of Wi-Fi, so that participants can choose to stay connected, or to spend time in another useful way.

Lack of Internet connection should not come as a surprise. It can destroy people's plans. Make sure to share with the audience why the decision to disconnect was taken. Explain how harmful is excessive use of gadgets and what are the benefits of a periodic rest from technology. Moreover, there is nothing better than communicating in person.

To name just a few reasons:

  • According to research, social networks are the main distractors. Increased levels of stress and interference with the progress of the individuals are the products of social media.

  • Smartphones are constantly distracting you from what is happening at the event. As a result, new information is almost not soaking in, by the end of the meeting you will have an impression that it was a waste of time.

  • Live communication is a power. Exchange energy and emotions with other visitors.

  • The body language is one more undeniable advantage of in person conversation. Whatsapp messages will never tell you as much about a person as non-verbal signs.

  • Thanks to talking in person the level of understanding of the interlocutor is much higher, you will have a more productive dialogue.

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