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Events for millennials, challenge accepted!

Who are the millennials? Young people between 18 and 34 years of age, our clients increasingly count with thoughts of this new generation in their ranks. We receive them, with a lot of energy, in our corporate events. The millennials tend to have very challenging characteristics: maximum creativity, valuation of experiences on material things, commitment to the company and the search for effective and fun solutions at the same time!

All this inspired us to propose new ways for your event to connect with your young team.

Genuine connection with others

Due to the large amount of information and distractions we find everywhere, millennials look for live events, in which they can generate a connection with others, their community and their work environment. The networking events on the rooftops have been growing progressively, a jazz session on a terrace, as part of an incredible After Work, among others.

Gathering during the corporate event

Wellness as a lifestyle

Lead a healthy lifestyle accompanied by the search for connection with yourself, is another characteristic of millennials, keep in mind that this part of your team is made up of younger crowd, who is predisposed to live new experiences that lead them to shape their identity. This constant search for internal well-being has benefits, they are people easily adaptating to change, open minded and committed to teamwork.

meditation event

All these skills are incentives to develop an harmonious and productive work environment.

We suggest events such as yoga, meditation, among others. For more ideas on this section, visit our blog post: link to post on relaxation events.

Community Fun: The New Families

You've probably noticed that while this segment of your team is young, half of them are usually parents, and added to the other parents on your team who aren't millennials, results in attendance and interest in family activities. We believe that indoor or outdoor family events generate connections between team members, allowing them to know things they share in common, and communicate more effectively with each other.

Family day event at the company

Bonus: Social Networking & Brand Presence

It is a trend among the millennials to participate in the activities maintained by various social networks, we invite you to take advantage of this, How? an event has many opportunities for photos and videos, which will be shared on Instagram, Facebook or twitter. Photo calls with elements of disguises, instant photos with the logo of the present company, among other actions. All this will lead the millennial to generate an identification with your company, both for itself and with its social environment.

Event for Criteo´s team. Gathering networking party

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