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Wellness Events Are Gaining Popularity

Mindfulness, well-being, and health topics are starting to be highly relevant not only in personal life but also in a business setting. Corporate wellness events help to grow brand awareness and establish a reputation of a great employer.

There are plenty of options to make wellness a habit and the easiest is to make it accessible for everyone at the office. Practicing mindfulness at the weekly alignment meetings, taking some time to reflect on how the team feels is one healthy option. Having relaxing zones and areas to “unplug” is another way to passively promote wellness.

Apart from those healthy daily routines, there are various ways to incorporate wellness to your corporate event strategy and actively engage your employees in it.

Event planners can help to organize group runs, yoga sessions, and massage therapies and even office spa days. Such events are new, refreshing and exciting for the team and employees’ engagement and satisfaction tends to rate higher after such gatherings.

Catering is another great part of wellness events. Event planners noticed there’s a strong correlation between the food served and attendees’ energy levels - so you can use F&B as part of your event strategy making sure you stimulate the highest attention at the moment you need it.

Regularly organizing health-promoting events brings various benefits - more focused, less stressed and happier healthier employees, stronger employer brand reputation and more entertaining corporate events.

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