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Event trends: Pros and cons of unique open air venues

Outdoor events continue to be trendy, especially in Barcelona. Parks, open amphitheatres, coastal zones - the beauty of nature can create unforgettable memories for the whole year and make your event special. How to choose the right place, corresponding to the goals and theme of the event? What details are worth paying attention to? How to make guests comfortable in the bosom of nature?

We consider all the Pros and Cons of open areas:

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  • Fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Nature does not need to be adorned, it is beautiful in itself.

  • Enough space. An open area event provides enough space for guests, speakers, service and technical areas.

  • Freedom in choosing suppliers. Unlike hotels or restaurants, which, already have their own contractors, the open area implies freedom in selecting suppliers.

  • Placing zones. You have the right to arrange the zones in a way that you decide yourself, not relying on the features of the room.

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  • Weather is the most obvious drawback. Weather forecasts often lie, and a sudden rain can spoil the impression of the holiday.

  • Toilets. If there are no toilets near the open area, they should be provided. The number of cabins should correspond to the number of guests, so that the event is not destroyed by massive queues.

  • Costs. Most open areas are clean canvas. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity to embody grandiose ideas. On the other hand, the risk does not fit into the budget. Remember that there may not even be electricity on the site, so plan your budget in advance.

If you are not scared by the disadvantages of fresh air events let's plan your event in the nature together, write us at info@eventbarcelona.es


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