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Event Trends 2019

Events' world evolves constantly to adapt to the society in which we live. We use new tools and new technologies, which help both the organizer and the guest, making everyone feel that this new environment adapts completely to the circumstances in a new striking, original way...We would like to share with you a couple of examples:

Hybrid Virtual Events

Hybrid events have a mission to mix the physical world with the virtual one. We look for new ways of impressing the attendees, adapting to the technologies that plunge in this new era.

This type of events are more interactive and participants can take part from anywhere in the world.

To create hybrid event is easier than it seems and possibilities are endless. We use an App, everyone receives all the information instantaneously, everyone is aware of everything that is happening and able to share their opinion directly. In addition, you could use special bar codes to offer discounts in food for the participants.

Organise Hybrid Events, virtual reality company team building


Work hard on your audio-visuals, because it's the most memorable and striking part. When something goes wrong, events are interrupted and people usually remember these interruptions for years to come.

To make your event trendy and unforgettably in style, we advise to use methods of increased reality creating a unique semi-real experiences, mixing objects of the real world with virtual elements that transport us to any place around the globe.

Another way to be on trend is to use video mapping, projecting any type of images on surfaces obtaining effects of 3D movement.

Video Mapping Event Barcelona agency


The image that event projects is of most importance, there are no second chances for the first impression.

The innovation and environment will determine originality of an event. One of the current trends is green spaces, because they give the feeling of nature, freshness and social responsibility. Use real plants instead of plastic to maximise the effect.

Green space for a promotional event

New trends of 2019 in events industry focus on experiences in an integrated way over passive way of conferencing. We would love to help you create your unforgettable event, do not hesitate to contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es


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