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Event Personalization

Nowadays, guests do not agree for less than personalized experiences. How to make it highly customized? We have a great variety of options that add value and deliver an exceptional event experience to your guests and prepared a list of the most effective ones.

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1. Chatbots

Making the first interaction personal and warm creates a connection with your guests. Design a personalized chat and integrate the bot into your event website or Facebook page to deliver a great first impression to make your attendees feel welcomed.

2. Online communities

Create a space for your guests to communicate and exchange opinions. Press walls, event hashtags and live questionnaires are the three most common ways to encourage guests to exchange their feedback and photos and make connections with other attendees.

3. Real-life & post-event communications

Notifying your guests when a lecture, workshop or any other activity is happening is a perfect example of guests’ experience tailoring. Find out your guests’ unique interests and personalize activities you notify them about. Let’s say an attendee has expressed interest in a particular speaker - create a push notification to be sent 10 minutes before the speaker session begins.

Customized post-event communications are a cherry on top of your event experience. Remind attendees of the workshops and lectures they’ve participated in, or people and products they’ve interacted with to reinforce the connection, bring pleasant memories and outline the attendees’ pool for future events.

Personalization brings attendees’ experience and satisfaction to a new level and makes events worth remembering. Get in touch with us at info@eventbarcelona.es to make your next corporate party unforgettable.


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