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Event Organization Challenges And How To Solve Them

Corporate events organization is a dynamic field. When you plan and manage a corporate event, it’s impossible to be fully prepared and unexpected things always happen. We at Event Barcelona Agency can bet on that :) So what are the biggest challenges the industry professionals face?

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Reducing budgets. A classic case would be that a client wants an impressive event but keeps reducing budget. As an experienced event organizer, the only way to make it work is to advise the client what should not be cut off the event and what can be reduced. It is a real challenge to cut the budget but save the WOW effect of the event, since it is the most extraordinary things that make events special, that suffer the most the budget cuts. Always be creative and resourceful. Make use of your negotiation talents and use your team power to find unconventional solutions and workarounds.

Attendance. Low attendance is one of the most stressful situations for both event organizers and clients. How can that be solved? First of all, always let the event organiser know that there is a possibility of lower attendance, preparation of all alternative scenarios is the key. We might prepare a moving wall to make a meeting room smaller or close up some of the spaces to create a feeling of a full attendance and prevent crowd dispersing. Because no one sees event as successful if the space is empty. We might decide to use the chairs that can be removed quickly to adjust to the number of attendees, fill the room with movable plants or use other little professional tricks as experienced event organisers. Knowledge is power.

Relevancy. It is vital to respond to your audience preferences. Please communicate clearly from the very beginning the style that you would like your event to be held in. This would help the event organisers to make a more accurate proposal and suggest things that suit your style. Every piece of information about your invitees likes and wants should be considered when planning the event. Do they prefer coffee or tea? Should vegetarian options be included? Are there specific elements of decor that have to be presented? Get to know your attendees and your event success is almost a guarantee.

Event organization will always be full of surprises and last-minute changes. One of the greatest qualities for the industry professionals is to be alert but relaxed at the same time. Overthinking or stressing out because things don’t go according to the plan won’t help you to be creative and resourceful ;)

That is what we at Event Barcelona Agency are proud to have. Contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es to organize your next maybe not perfect but definitely amazing event :)


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