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Event ideas to connect with your inner well-being

Our team is always very attentive and eager to find new ways to surprise you! For Event Barcelona innovation and creativity are very important pillars in the management of our corporate events. In corporate events management, we know that your team is like a second family. There are some options to take care of your team and give them a space of internal peace, self-knowledge and reconnection with their body.

Nowadays, people are concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by connecting with the body and mindfulness. We believe that when a team practice a wellness lifestyle daily, they develop more skills and increase work productivity, as well as connection and communication with their co-workers.

Physical Exercises

Organise a yoga practice, planning an outdoor event with your team to breathe fresh air and strengthen ties. Try guided laughs and good cheer training. Remember that exercise releases endorphins!


Receiving your team with a morning meditation practice before going to work can generate many benefits! Use breathing and visualisation exercises, a short activity with lots of rewards. Do you want to try it at your event? contact us!

Artistic Expression for everyday stress

Organise an crafty afternoon, paint watercolours at the beach while toasting with wine, or design and decorate your own cup for that coffee you drink in the mornings! Using art as a way of relaxation has many positive effects and is an event idea that connects participants, it creats a family work environment.

Written Expression

Writing exercises are a therapeutic activity that helps event participants explore new aspects of their spirituality. Poetry or coaching exercise where people are encouraged to write down what concerns them and what they hope to get from the exercise is an excellent place to start. An event activity that allows you to identify the strengths and expectations of your team members.

Music & Theatre

Organizing a piano recital for your team, planing a music class where they play with the sounds emitted by their own bodies or trying theatrical exercises with your team to strengthen confidence and assertive communication, are some of the options that the performing arts within corporative events, offer us.

Would you like to organise a different event for your team? Contribute to their healthy lifestyle, we will help you make it happen, write us at: info@eventbarcelona.es


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