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Event Days without stress.

Did you know that the position of event planner is one of ten most stressful jobs named each year? Too many moving parts, requests, and problems that arise. If you are planning an event we suggest you hire a professional event agency to help you out and share the responsibility.

Event Barcelona event management company would like to share a few time-proven tips on how to go through an Event Day without stress and stay on top of everything.

Take care of yourself first.

Have a good night sleep, eat well, do not skip meals. Have your morning yoga or meditate to get your body and mind into a calm state. Drink a lot of water and wear comfy clothes. Your good mood can be a situation changer for everyone.

Keep it organised.

Create your main event to do list and check off things every day leading to the event. Break down big tasks into smaller to dos. Add a timeline to your list. A list of small to dos to fulfil in between the big tasks during the event might be a good way to do more in less time.

Talk to everyone involved.

Make sure to discuss with your team the responsibilities 3 days in advance and then check again 1 day before the event. Talk to sponsors to make sure they do not need anything right before the event. Check on the space again and delegate, delegate, delegate! Don't micromanage though! For hands on approach have your "tools box" containing tapes, pens, scissors, needles...

If this is too much for you, do not worry, a good event organiser does all of that and more on their everyday basis, they will have you covered on all fronts. To contact us fora free quote write us info@eventbarcelona.es.


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