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Event Communication Strategy - Pro Tips Before, During And After The Event

Organizing an event requires amazing project management skills. Apart from obvious errands like venue choice, invitees list creation, agenda building etc., there’s a whole different chapter of the communication strategy that has to be taken care of. We’ve prepared a checklist of things to ensure you are on track with the latter.

1. Before Your Event

Prepare a communication timeline and choose the tools to share information with your invitees. Knowing how to communicate information effectively is incredibly important.

Build the content plan. Beyond merely announcing information, you should engage attendees, get them involved in your event as much as possible. Communicate important details to avoid unpleasant surprises for both your team as well as the attendees. The top priority topics are the weather, dress attire, food and drinks, speakers names, event agenda and activity.

2. During the Event

During the registration, remind attendees of all elements of the timeline once again, so everyone is on the same page. Be proactive in the face to face communications< especially if there are changes in the program. Managing expectations is the key to success.

Think through FAQs and be sure to share the list your team - it’s important to be helpful and collaborative if your guests need help.

3. After the Event

The only thing that is more important than a thank you email is photo sharing - for both participants and your post-event promotion. Publish it as soon as possible and make it easy to share - ask guests to mention social media profiles and the event hashtag if you had one.

Event organization is undoubtedly a very busy time but if there was one thing you shouldn’t forget about, we’d say it is a communication strategy. It is important to be proactive in your communications and engage with guests to ensure their great experience and increase retention for the next event. If you need expert help on the matter, contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es - we are excited to assist.


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