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Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Trade shows do not excite many. Often perceived as stale, corporate, old school such business events are not known for engaging with the attendees too well. That is a pity because trade shows have a huge potential – it’s a great chance to engage people in real conversation and get them to interact with you and the brand.

As the industry evolves, there are more and more creative trade show booth executions appearing and trade shows are slowly turning into an a lot more appealing event. You need to be creative with your booth idea so you get to engage with the right people and reach your business goals.

We made a research and, thanks to Coastal Creative, found on the trade show landscape to find 7 truly creative trade show display ideas that you can easily incorporate into your booth design.

1. Living Wall

A simple way to sand out from the stale trade show is to bring a living wall to your booth. Use trendy plants, fresh fruits, your products etc. to bring life to the exhibit floor – transform the main wall of your booth into a vibrant collage of colors and textures. Not only are living walls visually dynamic, but they are also incredibly economical when it comes to set-up, break-down, and conserving space. It’s a perfect way to showcase your brand while maximizing space.

2. Gigantic Objects

Take your booth to the next level with a larger than in real life objects as a part of booth setup. Oversized objects have long been a source of fascination for people. Both eye-catchy and interactive, it’s a perfect way to bring attention to your brand. Create a dummy, x5 its real size, of your iconic product and no one will pass by your booth without stopping.

3. Seating

Giving the event attendees a place to sit is a winning strategy for a few reasons. First of all, people are more likely to be receptive to your message when they are comfortable and relaxed rather than irritable from standing all day. Secondly, by supplying a comfy chair, you’ll give attendees a reason to stay much longer at your booth than they otherwise may. Invest in a couple of beanbags for attendees’ undivided attention.

4. Product Display Wall

Use your booth wall as a shelf to display your product. Give an appearance endless choice – place as many products as fits. Repetition is one of the key principles of marketing - encourage browsing, interaction and eventually buying.

5. Repurposed Vintage Vehicles

By repurposing a vintage vehicle to use at your next trade show booth, your brand will give good vibrations. Vintage vehicles are a versatile trade show booth design option. You can opt to either use the vehicle purely decoratively by simply parking it in your booth, or to use it as a functional space. By renovating the interior, you can transform a vintage vehicle into a dynamic part of your booth.

6. Overhead Hangings

Overhead hangings immediately make your booth look larger. Moreover, it’s a great way to sparkle curiosity and make your booth visible from a distance. It’s a lot more a design element rather than a functional one but serves its attention-grabbing purpose well.

7. Fabric Architecture

Lightweight and flexible, the fabric can be used to create elaborate which allow unique lighting opportunities to make your booth truly creative.

Be creative with your trade booth design to increase engagement at teh trade show event and sparkle interest to your brand. Some ideas might be too time and resource intensive, and others might be too pricey to execute. But incorporating one of these ideas, at least to some extent, can make your booth the place to be.

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