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Creating Attendees’ Experience

Today, when the industry is booming and attendees’ tastes are getting more and more sophisticated, what makes an event memorable? The answer is a unique experience. Event organizers, who focus on the latter, have proven to be the most successful in guests’ satisfaction and word of mouth generation.

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How to create those special experiences? We have prepared a couple of unconventional examples:

1. Secret events

Secrets have always attracted people and mysterious events are getting more and more popular. Organize an exclusive cinema show, drinks in a hidden place with a passcode for entrance or “lost lectures” - there are as many options as your imagination allows.

2. Clubbing at lunch

Change the ordinary - bring your guests into the darkness of the night at noon, through a dancing competition instead of an ordinary lunch at the nearest cafe - the effect will be tremendous.

3. Campfire sessions

Bring your attendees to a bonfire and use that effect of real contact with nature to encourage open conversations and build connections in a relaxed atmosphere.

Attendees are looking for novelty and companies that respond to those desires get the most grateful and appreciative audience. Options for unique event experience creation are nearly endless: unconventional venues, well thought-through event programmes, engaging content, strong news value, etc. Contact us at info@eventbarcelona.es to organize your next special event.


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