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Create unforgettable environment on your corporate event to boost productivity.

Studies show that look & feel is extremely important for the general productivity of an event. Nowadays, competing with digital smartphone world is a new challenge. If the environment you create around your presentation is worth looking at the chances are that people will look more precisely at the content as well. Below, find 3 main factors that can drastically impact the look and feel of your event:

Main event seating area.

Supply comfortable chairs in the meeting zone and relax area, it may sound obvious but make sure the number of seats corresponds to the number of guests. Add a splash of colour in order to catch your participants eye. By the way, colourful, beautiful conference rooms will have a higher chance to be shared online, spreading your brand!

Light it up!

Natural light? Shades of blue? Red lasers? Preparing right lighting for your event may totally change the mood of the space. Style and goals of your meeting should correspond to your lighting choices. If your lamps are too bright or too dull, it will most definitely interfere with information assimilation, and have negative effect on the whole event.

Choose your music carefully.

The choice of musical accompaniment will largely depend on the desired effects. Your background sounds have superpowers and can give visitors a sense of harmony, supply energy or relax them. A trending solution is environmental sound. You may use the sound of water, the sound of wind, the sounds of city, you name it!

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