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Corporate Event? Be inspired by these amazing Barcelona venues

Updated: Nov 5, 2017

When planning a corporate party, it is essential to know company's corporate culture very well. You should have a rough understanding of hobbies and interests of your colleagues to be able to positively surprise them with the activity and venue selected. While organising corporate parties for our clients, we are always impressed by the level of their creativity, for each of them we choose the right venue and entertainment.

Below you will find our 3 favourite venues in Barcelona:

  • InGracia - is a very modern and unique loft in the pure city centre with different types of activities offered. It is best for product presentations, gala dinners and networking lunches.

  • Antigua Fabrica Morits is situated in one of the oldest buildings of Eixample disctrict, has a space of 4500m2 converted into a huge entertainment, cuisine and cultural platform.

  • Bestial  - is modern and posh, located by the sea and centric, this restaurant has a great large terrace and  built-in audio-vision equipment of high quality to arrange presentations just under the sky.

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