• Anastasija Iskrova


Everybody can imagine how hard is it to find a good venue for the event. There is always an endless list of options and possibilities, how to choose the right space? Even if you find a few appropriate venues you will still have to make a decision where you are not allowed to make a mistake because it is one of the most important factors of a successful event.

Event Barcelona agency would like to present you with 4 tips, which will help to avoid choosing the wrong venue for your meeting or event:

1. Pay attention to online feedback and reviews.

Usually the first thing what we do is searching for the pictures and photos of the place, decorations and the level of organization that the venue has. Think that people leave their feedback to help you understand how is the place, even if there are mostly positive reviews about the space read carefully every single bad comment. This way, from experience of other people, we can try to understand if the clients were satisfied, what is the venue excellent in and which requirements are usualy not completed. It will give you a little hint of what to expect organizing your event there. Pay attention also to how the managers of the chosen venue react to any kind of review, good or bad, and if they are communicating and answering to people trying to solve their doubts.

2. There is only one chance to make a first impression that lasts a lifetime.

Now it is the time to switch on all your professional skills and instincts and rely on yourself, because it is the moment to understand if you want your clients to be in this place and to feel amazed inside there. Be sure that your guests will feel exactly the same like you in the chosen venue. We suggest being attentive to ambiance, food, service, cleanliness and many other factors that can affect your client during the event. We always know that our attendees have to be happy and satisfied leaving the event.

3. Be ready to find a solution to any tiny inconvenience.

We have to know that every tiny missed detail plays a massive role in the success of your event. So it is better to be always on the lookout to avoid any small inconvenience rapidly. For that reason we told you to be attentive in your first venue visit. Choosing the space remember that people almost never forget details like physical conditions, experienced workers, good catering and service, big variety of top quality food, smiling stuff, equipment of the venue, technologies and so on. Everything has to coincide with the requirements of the client to make sure the attendees have a brilliant time and they want to come back to this place.

4. Let’s see the policies.

We always try to see the policies with managers of the venue to understand if they conform to our requirements. There are a lot of aspects for negotiation, depending on your needs, and these are the most important:

Certain venues have a strict no outsider policy and normally it is not the best option because you can not choose the stuff, caterers, decorators for the event.

  • Capacity & guest-related issues: It is important to understand which is the required minimum number of attendees, if guests below 18 are allowed and any other important questions.

  • All inclusive: You know how easy could be the organization of the event in certain places if there are no additional costs. So try to find it out before getting surprised. It is always better to discuss with managers of the venue everything that is included in the price and which services need to be paid apart.

  • Budget: Consider if the venue provides the space and services that match your needs and are not overpriced. If you have doubts about the venue, don´t be afraid to skip it and to check the next one. Good luck!

We hope that this information was useful and whenever you need help in searching for a perfect venue for your event, don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@eventbarcelona.es.


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